Street dogs

Mexico Has Highest Number of Stray Dogs in Latin America

According to Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography, 70 percent of Mexico’s estimated 18 million dogs live on the street, either born as strays or abandoned by their owners. The country has the largest number of street dogs in Latin America.

After living in Mexico for almost 2 years, Chris understands that it has to do with a process of socialization in childhood. If a child growing up has a bad experience with a dog and their family doesn’t teach them how to interact with them properly, they develop the wrong way of dealing with the animal and that can last the rest of their lives. Chris is using his Mini Blue Nose Pit Bull, Kymba to help educate the youth and their families about the love that comes from ownership of a pet.

Chris’s mission is to help clinics give street dogs a second chance rather than resorting to euthanasia to control the population as some Mexican municipalities have done.

So, if you are so lucky to meet one of these amazing and beautiful animals, please know, they are scared and in need of your help. If you can’t adopt a pet, then please donate to the Every Peso helps!